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Dental Crowns

When teeth become severely decayed, treatment to save the tooth will require more than a simple filling. At Polar Dental, we do our best to help you maintain your natural healthy smile. Crowns provide patients with the ability to save as much of the tooth structure as possible. A crown is, in essence, a ‘cap’ designed especially for the individual tooth, encasing it in protective material to prevent further damage. Dental crowns may also be used to protect teeth that are cracked or to restore a tooth’s functionality.

If a tooth has severe decay, it is likely to fracture and lose a considerable amount of tooth substance. Worse yet, the tooth may continue to fracture below the gum line making its restoration difficult and in some cases even impossible.

Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all porcelain. Each material has its own advantages such as aesthetics, strength and durability. Your dentist will help you determine which material is ideal for your case.

Dental Crown Procedure

Your Polar Dental professional will begin your treatment by taking an impression mould to send to a laboratory.  A proper temporary crown will be placed on the damaged tooth during this visit as well to protect the tooth from further damage. Once the permanent restoration is completed, it will be cemented onto the tooth or adhesive bond in your next appointment. Some offices utilize CAD/CAM technology which enables the dentist to fabricate the restoration within the office. In this case, since there is no need to send away to a lab, the finalized crown may be completed within one visit.

Caring for your Dental Crown

Your dentist will inform you how to properly care for your dental crown. Generally speaking, it is important that proper oral hygiene is maintained such as regular brushing and flossing to fight and remove plaque which causes tooth decay. Biting hard objects such as crab shells, nut shells, bones etc. may cause damage to your dental crown. Also, fingernail biting and teeth grinding should be avoided. The lifespan of your dental crown, like all dental restorations, is largely dependent upon how you care for them.

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