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Dentures are used to replace teeth for patients with all or several teeth missing. Conventional dentures are removable and come in the form of a partial denture, in the case of several missing teeth, or a complete denture where all teeth are missing. Dentures not only improve a patient’s ability to chew and eat functionally, but they also enable the patient to retain their esthetic appearance restoring their self-confidence and healthy social life.

It is crucial to the preservation of oral health to restore missing teeth as the remaining teeth may shift to fill in the empty space. The results, if not treated, can cause difficulty biting and chew properly as well as an elderly appearance as the facial skin will tend to sag without the support of the teeth. Dentures today are designed to look as natural as possible, allowing patients the comfort and functionality of a full set of teeth. Your Toronto dentist will help you determine whether treatment with dentures is right for you.

Denture Procedure

Your Polar Dental professional will begin by first examining your gums and supporting jaw structure to develop a treatment plan best suited to your individual needs. There are some cases which may require oral surgery to correct bony ridges to ensure the stable placement of the final denture and most comfortable fit. Other cases may require a tooth extraction in order for the dentures to be placed. Once your dentist has determined that dentures are in fact the best route of treatment available to you, he/she will create a mould from your gums to ensure that every ridge and crevice is identified to allow your permanent denture to fit as comfortable as possible.

Patients requiring extraction will need immediate dentures to allow the gum tissue surrounding the extraction sites to properly heal. This healing process will usually take anywhere from four to six months. It is important to allow the proper amount of time for the healing period as the gum will shrink following the removal of teeth. The denture will act as a bandage for you sensitive gums and will further promote their healing. The immediate denture may need adjustment during this period which can be easily addressed by your dentist. The immediate denture will be fabricated from a shade which is closest matched to your natural tooth colour.

Once the gums are fully restored to health, the finalized dentures will be provided and checked for colour and fit. Any modifications necessary will be made and this point to ensure the patient’s comfort. To improve stability and retention, the denture may be secured to any remaining teeth or tooth roots with plastic or metal anchors.

Caring for Your Dentures

Polar Dental can help you on your way to regaining the radiant smile and taking back control of your oral hygiene. Dentures will not only restore your smile and confidence but allow you to regain the functionality of a full set of teeth. In the beginning, your denture may seem to lose or awkward. This is normal and temporary, your muscles will learn to adjust to the prosthetic to keep it in place. You may experience some soreness and slight irritation at first which is also to be expected and will soon fade as you adjust to the dentures.

It is advised that patients initially soft foods and liquids, cutting food into bite-sized portions etc. As you become more and more accustomed to functioning with your dentures you may gradually return to your normal diet.

It is important that your denture be taken out at night to allow saliva to bathe the gum tissue to maintain good oral hygiene. Patients should clean their dentures daily by using a toothbrush and denture solution to remove food particles, plaque and prevent the dentures from staining. After brushing the denture should be rinsed and placed overnight in a denture cleaning solution. When cleaning your denture be sure to always use cold or lukewarm water as hot water may cause damage. If you feel any discomfort, see your Toronto dentist for minor adjustments.

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