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Your oral health directly affects the state of your general health. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide no less than the best of care available to our patients.We offer a full range of dental services, providing quality care for patients of all ages.

Each patient is treated on a unique and individual basis. Our dental professionals will discuss all of your oral health concerns, needs and desires with you to ensure that you always leave our office with a healthy and radiant smile.

Polar Dental is dedicated to ensuring that each visit to our office is a pleasant one free from anxiety. Patients who may feel intimidated by the dental chair, or simply want to feel more comfortable during a procedure can opt for sedation dentistry to put their nerves at ease.

Dental Check-Ups

It is just as important to see your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings as it is to maintain proper and consistent brushing and flossing in your own home. While brushing and flossing everyday helps to fight off plaque that may lead to tooth decay and gum disease, there are many things that you simply cannot see that your dentist can. For example, our offices are equipped with state of the art technology to aid in the early detection of cavities, abnormalities, tooth impaction, gum disease etc. At Polar Dental we have to tools necessary to clean the areas of your mouth that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach.

Regular check-ups ensure early detection of minor oral health issues before they are able to evolve into more serious complications requiring extensive treatment. Depending on your treatment plan suggested by our dentist, visit our office every 3-6 months for routine care- it could save you years of costly dental treatment in the future.

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