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Much like veneers, Lumineers are custom designed ultra-thin porcelain shells that are placed on top of the teeth to aesthetically improve a patient’s smile.

Each lumineer is highly translucent, at about 0.2 mm thickness, and are designed to replicate the appearance of natural teeth by allowing some of the tooth’s natural enamel to show through. Much unlike traditional veneers, lumineers require little to no prep-work.

Traditional veneers require removal of tooth structure, a process which is irreversible, along with an anesthetic injection. At Polar Dental, lumineers do not require the dentist to grind down, cut or file down any (or in some cases not nearly as much) tooth structure in order to properly place the veneer. There are certain cases which may require a minimal reshaping of the teeth depending on the case. You dentist will best determine how to achieve the results you desire while keeping as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Lumineers Can Correct

  • Worn teeth
  • Slightly discoloured or stained teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Misshapen, pointed, slightly misaligned or fanged teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Slightly crowded teeth
  • Enhancement to achieve a Hollywood smile

Lumineers Procedure

At Polar Dental you can be on your way to a brand new radiant smile in just two visits to your dentist. The process requires only two visits and is painless!

First your dentist will examine your oral health to ensure that there are no potential issues that may need to be addressed before performing the Lumineers procedure. Once your candidacy is determined, a mold will be taken of your smile and together you and your dentist will decided upon a shade that will best suite your desired results. On your second visit, your lumineers will be checked for fit and shade and then applied to your teeth with a dental bond or adhesive. Securing the lumineers to the teeth is not an irreversible process. The lumineers can be easily removed by your dentist without damage to your teeth’s enamel.  

Caring For Lumineers

With proper and regularly practiced oral hygiene, your lumineers can last over 20 years.

The good news is that you can eat and drink with confidence as lumineers are applied in the most durable manner available. It is important to remember that lumineers do not replace good hygiene and so you will need to brush and floss as usual, and see your Polar Dental professional for regular examinations and cleanings to ensure the longevity of your lumineers and oral health.

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